As mad as she was for him,

She’d regret pushing him away whole of her life.


Duriyon ke ehsaas ne kabhi usko bhi to daraya hoga,

Paas nahi aya par dur jaane se wo bhi to katraya hoga..

Elderly sound advice..

I talked to my bua (paternal aunt) about it and she said,

If he wanted you that much, he would have said it clearly directly and not through other’s accounts, and if you wanted him that much, you would have met him.

That’s some serious mature advice. I am proud of her. Sad but still..that’s practical..

Whenever I really need some serious advice in which I need to be talked Out Of Emotions, I talk to her. I am still emotional, but thinking practically at the same time, and this time the credit goes to her only..

The difference.

I don’t feel this way every time, I was very happy when my ex got married.

Calming simplicity. ❀

Just feeling like

going to a farm-house,

surround myself with at least 10 puppies,

sip on a cup of coffee,

While reading a book

under the shade of a spring tree

And if I may imagine a bit more

The love of my life will be holding me in his lap

While in between kissing me

Together us

Feeling the bliss

From all the hustle-bustle of city life

For at least a few days, completely free.

(Originally posted on 4th March, 2021)

Romantic interruption..

I was wearing a sultry cyan coloured backless short dress in satin, putting on my bright pink lip-colour on my lower lip, looking at myself in the mirror, when he entered the room. I saw him through the mirror, not turning towards him. He was wearing navy-blue coloured coat with black t-shirt underneath, clean-shaven, looking dapper. He looked at me, like he was drinking me through his eyes. He moved closer, caressed my back with his finger gently and said softly in my ear-

“You are not wearing this.”

I asked confusedly “Why?”

“Because I am taking it off”

-he said while massaging my earlobe with his warm breath.

(Copyrights reserved 20th June, 2021)

Tragic irony..

You will see a jealous soul never growing,

It will burn despite having everything

That you love,

And it will always be

Because it can never do

The way you love.

No Formality..

Commitment without love,

Is a mere formality..

I will run away

Prior to consuming its vanity.


All the things I had to do for you

All the things I had to say to you

Have now stayed in my heart forever,

And I can’t blame only you

Because it’s true

That we could be many things

But we both chose to make it

‘IMPOSSIBLE’ forever.

Peaceful Nature..

Bougainvillea πŸŒΈπŸƒ