To my future partner😌😌

I feel like talking a lot just before sleeping and not talking at all the whole day. Think about marriage if you can deal with this kind of behaviour.

PS- Unconcerned people from Instagram, very kindly, stay the fuck away.

Serious question!

If love is blind, then why can’t you hear the truth?

Don’t misunderstand this..

Imagine you trying your best to make me jealous and I am not even attentive towards you and a few months later I get to know what you were doing and I am like “oh that was you..? Not the one I liked..Nevermind..You don’t matter anyway..”

Because the Situation is exactly this..and has been this in the past as well.. 😂

Also, other people telling me “Don’t beg anyone for love (they considering a particular person)”

Me: First of all, I am trying to push them away.

Again, True AF.

That’s how much people misunderstand me. I am kind to those who are kind to me but I am detached as well and I know when to do what with whom, more and better than others can advise me, because experiences with wrong people teach a lot!!

A Priority

When we want us to be a priority in others’ life, we are not really making ourself a priority.


Single forever.

Being sapiosexual and demisexual is not easy. You can’t feel anything for about 99.9999999999% of the people interested in you; and then suddenly you come across a super-intelligent person who has sensitivity as well and you get attached to them emotionally somehow but you have no idea if it will ever work with them.

#storyofmylife #truestory

Should I laugh?? Nevermind. 🙂😂

Healing well

From fever at 104.6°F n badly wounded throat yesterday at 1 pm to 97.9°F and healing throat today at 1 pm,

What does it mean??

God/Universe is Great

Family is the Realest Support

Doctor Sahab is Amazing

Well-wishers are Genuine

Someone with demonic energy against me is failing miserably.


Do I mind opinions??

My rules regarding opinions:

By family- They literally ask me, before giving their opinion about anything related to me, “Can I say something about it??”

By Friends- My former best friend used to ask me “May I say something about it??”

Any outsider at studies or work- Directly or indirectly asks for the permission to say something.

Any XYZ dumbass page owner bitch on the internet having the audacity to talk non-sense full of shit after stalking me on surface level (my blog, fb, and/or instagram pages), always having the confidence that that shit would be taken by me, despite me making it clear time n again that I give no fucks; talking blatantly irrelevant bullshit all the time just to provoke me and then act like a peaceful one after getting reaction from me, just to maintain the image of spirituality which is FAKE AS FUCK !!

Seems like the last one really needs a psychiatic treatment, Those boundary breaching psychopaths. Those useless bitches, I can easily tell, having nothing else to do in life.

Personal view-point on a widely used quotation.

This is one of a few quotes that really irritate me.

First of all, quotes are some statements made by different people based on their personal view-points, opinions, situations and life in general. Like one size does not fit all, one quotation cannot be true completely or suit all.

Secondly, quotations are mostly one-liners or a paragraph which are generally not backed up by an explanation on why they have been written, so, they create a lot of misunderstandings about their exact meaning. Like digit 6 can be read as 9 when inversed or when read by two people standing in opposite directions, the same goes with such quotations.

Thirdly, coming to this particular quotation, it is not even a quotation as such. It is just a line, from a novel which I am sure is beautifully written and, must have it’s backing in the novel itself. This quote actually refers to one’s potential in relationships. Here, the word ‘potential’ means how a person is thought to be behaving in the future by a person who has been seeking that first mentioned person as a partner considering his/her probable qualities to come to the fore in the expecting person’s view-point. It has not talked about the general potential of anybody as a person outside from the expectation of a relationship.

Fourthly, considering it even as an expected potential in a person about his/her qualities regarding relationship, it sounds a demeaning quote that says that one ‘has to date their reality’. Here, what if somebody does not even know one’s reality? What if one person’s own judgement is wrong about the outer world in general because of their internal biases? Be it in relationships or otherwise, if one person cannnot accept other’s flaws, then that person really does not deserve anyone to be with them when they themself show their own flaws. And, nobody is flawless.

Last but not the least, this line is actually meaning to reiterate to somebody that whom they like actually currently does not deserve them and that person should not let his/her good view-point about that person over-power what that person is actually showing them (which can actually be bad traits).

I get irritated with quotes because of their incapacity to make things clear due to lack of explanation, desire to create more of confusions, and still pressing them upon others as something of eternal value.

(1st March, 2020)


Maturity, wisdom, and love are very subjective terms n concepts. There can be no universally accepted single statement about any of them.

What do these three things mean to you??

Quote: Intellect.

An Intellectual Person tries to understand different perspectives and then critically evaluates them 🧠

A Fool laughs at everything he Fails to understand. 🤡

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