Happy Birthday, Bua. ❤

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated,

A few end up being mourned as well.

Blasting out.

Faking happiness to make others jealous??


Who needs to do that when they can burn with the truth??


Love never lies,

Love is not blind..

This is a blessing,

Only one of its kind.

My type !!

Considerate nature, positive attitude and complex mind is the bare minimum I seek to connect with.

Brain talk.

Before I begin to think that you are insomniac,

Let me remind you that you slept twice yesterday.


Insignificant mask.

What’s the point in hiding the fact that you people are friends?? Many things are quite clear to me already.

Your behaviour has become more like a transparent mask, making you feel like you are hiding something while I can see through it.

Testing waters.

Testing my waters is going to be of no help,

When you don’t know how to swim.



before your any child

your wife calls you “daddy”.

Height of stupidity.

If you cannot understand what somebody has gone through,

Just shut the fuck up,

And stay away,

Rather than showing how stupid you are.


I have learnt one thing in life,

The real victim will always be dying for the truth to come out,

The culprits will always have a group to hide it behind.