To the reader.

Whosoever is reading this,

Whosoever is feeling over-whelmed,

I own my feelings,

I am into an emotion,

I am very strong

I have loved with devotion,

If it irritates you or makes you feel over-whelmed,

I am not sorry for that,

Maybe more than me,

You need to have caution,

For I have lived

What you have just read

If you cannot bear that

You think I can stop my flow in its motion??

I feel things not once in a while

Just like you

That resides in me that humanly emotional sanity,

In case you have other world view,

Still don’t look at my feelings as profanity.

Lost in you..

As much as I hate to say this,

I’d love to feel lost,

Not lost in misery,

Not lost in your absence,

But lost in you and our love.

That Signal..

For whom did you do this?

I hope the right one got the signal.


Every time I feel like going back,

I remember the reasons why not to;

For only a new world can be made,

When the old one collapses,

My world shattered and collapsed completely,

Leaving nothing behind than its ruins,

I can remember the beautiful times,

But it’s lost in the remote past,

It could be withheld with an open heart,

Only if they could feel the depth of my feelings

and how much that ocean of love is vast.

Common virtue..

“I am all about sunshine and breezy air”

-Literally everyone in a good mood.

The same people who will decieve, confuse and loathe you to hell when they don’t get what they want from you.


Oh Baby, I won’t do you wrong,

One because I don’t like to,

Two because you are too weak for that.

PS- Take this just as a piece of writing. I have nothing as such. It’s just that while writing we can think of things we never do. 🙂And “baby” here is imaginary. 😛


Burning in the paradise of self created ecstasy,

They shed their horns but wiggle their tail at their romanticism created, driving others crazy.

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