Self-respect as strong as mountains,

Took years of extreme pressure to make,

would take your many reincarnations to break.

NATO’s decision on not imposing No-fly Zone

I don’t know who thinks otherwise but NATO has taken the right decision by not imposing No-fly zone against russia, at least as of now.

The reason is simply that it may escalate war further in europe as well. Who can guarantee that Russia would not have attacked other nations with nuclear weapons??

It would be great if these two nations (Ukraine and Russia) negotiate ASAP, otherwise a full-fledged world war is not far away. And remember, nobody is going to survive it.

Twin-flames love feels right..

We are so similar in many ways,

We can’t hurt the good ones, sometimes even the bad get the good side,

but won’t mind hurting anyone by hitting them with the truth or be distant to protect our sanity,

We have our reasons that we keep from the world,

We hide our emotions, emotions run deep but logic rules behaviour to stay away from others’ insanity,

Affectionate with the right ones, self-respect on top,

I show my sensibility to the whole world, hide my childlike nature,

You show your childlike nature to the world, hide your sensible nature,

We say what we mean and mean what we say,

straight to the point,

no mind games,

Wild at heart, mind dark and twisted,

Persona full of spark with the right ones and trusted,

Passion, anger, lust and love, the similar kind,

And that thirst for knowledge,

Must have been called wierdos by many

Who couldn’t understand,

Wanderers, unaware and not afraid of the uncertain,

Neither liking to control others, nor wanna be chained,

We just show and hide our natures differently,

Still too similar,

I think this is what is Twin Flames named.

That connection was not wrong,

That bond being natural thus right,

We are sentimental,

For understanding each-other we don’t have to fight.

I don’t care if the future is dark or bright,

I will still love you without expectations

Because I know this love is right.

(17th Jan, 2020)


And if we can make it together,

What’s making the gap so wide?

(28th dec,2020)

Quote-End of a chapter.

When they say “end of a chapter”, they ain’t lying..

Every ending means the beginning of something new..


If I was using a fake account to be obnoxious to other people in their social media accounts, I wouldn’t make myself so obvious in communication style. Always remember this. That’s definitely a hater.


Friday hit the jackpot for 9-5

Of upcoming two days of rejuvenation,

What would you do with a friday

When you are always on a vacation??

Proving points.

People who are in a constant need of proving that they are together despite it being an obvious fact, expect me to prove that I don’t care, despite it being a fact; but, I don’t do dumbshit and I don’t feel that I owe anyone an explanation for things I write or do. Minding your own business n not coming here or anywhere I am present, uninvited, may help you move further, as it did for me.

PS- Don’t poke your nose in anything I do. Stop stalking if you can’t bear something.

A date like this ❤

Cheerfully glasses click,

Soft fabric,

Fragrant breeze,

Dim lights,

Aurora sky a pleasant surprise,

Romantic music,

Looking into each-other’s soul through eyes.

(Original publishing date: 4th april,2021)


A li’l cliche but it’s true,

Nothing and nobody can take away

What and Who is truly meant for you.

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