Proving points.

People who are in a constant need of proving that they are together despite it being an obvious fact, expect me to prove that I don’t care, despite it being a fact; but, I don’t do dumbshit and I don’t feel that I owe anyone an explanation for things I write or do. Minding your own business n not coming here or anywhere I am present, uninvited, may help you move further, as it did for me.

PS- Don’t poke your nose in anything I do. Stop stalking if you can’t bear something.

A date like this ❤

Cheerfully glasses click,

Soft fabric,

Fragrant breeze,

Dim lights,

Aurora sky a pleasant surprise,

Romantic music,

Looking into each-other’s soul through eyes.

(Original publishing date: 4th april,2021)


A li’l cliche but it’s true,

Nothing and nobody can take away

What and Who is truly meant for you.

Coffee lovers.

Photo Credits: Preet

Holding hands,

Cuddled in blanket,

Watching snowfall,

Sipping on coffee..

(14th Dec, 2021)


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Let the lips talk,

without uttering a word.

(Happy Kiss Day 😘)

Chillax goal.

I am aiming at being so chilled out that in future, when I’d have a life partner, and any girl would be liking him too much openly, I’d be like “Behen, aaja..Chahe to tu usko utha ke leja.. Wo to tyaar bhi hai.🤗” (Translation: “Sis, come..Abduct him if you want..He is all ready..🤗”)


Vibrant in dark world.

Art reflects one's soul. 🌺❤💜💛

It’s not easy

To stay vibrant

In a dark world,

Where the shadows try to eclipse

My mind,

Where I pay the price

For being kind,

But I choose

To rise


against the wind,

Against the grinding grain,

I hope one day it will be acknowledged

My efforts won’t go in vain.

(Copyrights reserved on both, words and digital artwork. Thank you for reading. 💜💖💫🌞🌺❤💛🧡💚💙)

[23rd Sept, 2021]

Why so dark?

Colours brightened all over the sky

Make me wonder why

If life is limited

as it really is

Why darkness is so deep rooted.

(27th Nov, 2020)

Weight-loss Journey Blog #1

Please click on the link given above if you want to follow my personal weight loss/fat loss journey from 114 kg to 57 kg. Thank you.. 🙂

Not love.

Please don’t tell me how much you self-sabotaged yourself for anybody,

It’s just a form of self abuse;

And if you cannot love yourself enough not to self-sabotage

Then you cannot love anyone else, it’s true,

And to me

showing your weaknesses in the name of love is of no use.

(First published on 29th oct, 2020)

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