3 Bs of Bullying..


Kindly click on the link shared above to understand the 3 main ingredients of Bullying, written by my fellow-blogger Cherie White. She has explained it all so well. A must read. ๐Ÿ™‚

To a known narcissist.

How poor in karma one has to be

that you are eaten up by your own envy

trying to get me under your control

each time failing miserably

and then trying to be god

to someone n anyone who has the same ill-will against me

to make them stand in competition

despite knowing fully what it entails to you in the end

it’s nothing

yet your ego binge eats on my life

by being obnoxiously competitive burning with envy

still failing

staying in your incurable narcissistic misery.


Amongst all the things keeping aside as to why..

Let’s live in love,

and in love let’s die.

To A Secret Hater.

Someone really needs to hear this..

Talking against education and educated people is not going to make you any better than them. You will stay in your ignorant pit just like a trash you have always been.

I am sure one day you will be begging for some required information from the same educated people and the same education that you keep talking against.

If you had any hint of courage in you, then you would have commented on my blog with your real identity, rather than being a psychopathic bitch whose account could not be reached, just to bully me.

Alas ! Coward trash like you is too much out there and I am glad that I am one of those educated and courageous ones that you can’t be even in the next 10 births.

This blog is in response to the psychopathic bitch, whose account really cannot be reached nor the real identity available. The link given in it is the blog of author with a Fake Name. The self-proclaimed Doctor/scientist without any degree in those fields really had a problem with my blog on educated people. So, this trash decided to bully me this way.


Over-smart people are always the LOSERS.

When I say education is important, I say it for a good reason.

A few uneducated or say, just barely educated dummies think that they can play with you just by blurting out non-sense.

What can an educated person do?? A lawyer or police officer or judge can become a worse criminal; a doctor can make a person sick; a psychologist/psychiatrist can make a person mad; a teacher can make students failures; a scientist can cause mass scale destruction..

My point??

My point is that that educated people can think both ways i.e. from their own perspective as well as from the perspective of people and things against which they are meant to work. It’s the ETHICS that they learn during their education and for their profession that they do not divert towards the other side-The corrupt side (although exceptions are always there); yet, it’s always the duffer Criminals and psychopaths who think that they can outsmart the former, Just Because They Are Duffers And Uneducated Enough Not To Know How Much They Already Do Not Know, and that’s where THEY ALWAYS LOSE.

No lemonade.

If life gives you lemons,

make pineapple juice,

drink it

ignoring lemons

for the time being

and throw them at people who grew them

to throw at you.


There are a couple of accounts of Dumb Bitches on instagram titled ‘Secretly_twisted’ and ‘Secretly_twisted2’ who have hatred and envy against me despite I don’t know any of them personally. These psychopaths are friends of a hater of mine. They imitate my communication style so that anyone who is following them and is known to me as well, think that it’s me who has been posting that shit.

It’s not me. It’s done to bully and harrass me mentally because those hoes have nothing else to do than keeping an eye on my social activities and then talking non-sense shit about it. It’s been more than an year by now since they started all this. I think they eat shit all day and thus spread only that. They do it to PROVOKE AND HARRASS ME. If I would get provoked, I would react; If I would not react, they would think that they succeeded in harrassing and shunning me. And PITY on them that they do not get a proper treatment from a psychiatrist. I AM SURE THAT THEY HAVE NO MENTAL WORK TO DO WHOLE DAY, BUT I HAVE.

I am writing it here so that, if anyone thinks that it’s me who posts or gets posted that psychopathic toxic and dumb stuff, they shall keep this in mind that it’s not me. Those are just LOSER BITCHES.

(And yes! They totally deserve this language. I am very respectful to those who are good-mannered, good-natured and free of ill-will when they do not have reasons to behave otherwise; but these psychopathic bitches? They are Pure Stinking Shit !!)

PS- I am writing all this without even joule of angry energy in me. These dummies be losing on multiple levels.


People who ask for sex from someone who had something for them, a few days before getting married to someone else, should Fuck their Momma. It’s her job and they may get added to the list of her customers very easily.

“Good charactered women like me don’t give a shit even if and when you die.”

Specifically talking about Pankaj Baweja and Ankush Tandon, here.

PS-The latter one’s wife still thinks that I want him- FUCKING LOSER. ๐Ÿ‘Ž


Have you even known anyone so sick that he will talk against opportunities just to trigger you indirectly, no matter how much you try to avoid him?? ALWAYS NEGATIVE and it makes you more and more sick whereas that sickhead doesn’t stop his non-sense??

Vibrant in dark world.

Art reflects one's soul. ๐ŸŒบโค๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’›

It’s not easy

To stay vibrant

In a dark world,

Where the shadows try to eclipse

My mind,

Where I pay the price

For being kind,

But I choose

To rise


against the wind,

Against the grinding grain,

I hope one day it will be acknowledged

My efforts won’t go in vain.

(Copyrights reserved on both, words and digital artwork. Thank you for reading. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’ซ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒบโค๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™)