No mercy.

If my boundaries are killing a toxic person,

I would let them die, happily.

Quote of the day.

Wise heart


the heart opens

like a wise elder,

Makes the mind feel

like an adolescent,

and teaches it love

And grace.

[A note to my beautiful fellow bloggers that I know I am not engaging with you all through your blogs. I am a bit busy, so I can’t put my mind upon reading blogs. But I will surely read your amazing blogs on the upcoming weekends. Thank you for being patient with me. 😍❤😇)

Toxic feminism.

**Trigger Alert: This may trigger some femi-nazis painfully but I have to write this for egalitarian ones. **

I have read at a places where it was written by a toxic feminist “real support is when a man supports a woman’s career and not when he supports her if she wants to be a home-maker. A man always wants a woman to be an unpaid maid at home. ”

First thing first, why do a few women think that being a home-maker by choice makes a woman any less than a career-oriented one??

Secondly, why is support between the two choices are being biased about when both the lifestyles have been chosen by women considering all the pros and cons they deemed fit considering?? If they are really feminists why do they have any problem with other women’s choices made by their free will??

Do women really need poking nose of some other egoistic women who think that only their way of living is the right way of living??

Why do these femi-nazis think that home-makers cannot earn money while there are ample opportunities to earn online these days??

I know that some men with inherent toxic patriarchy in them think that the woman working at home only is of lesser value than them but do all the people (both men and women) think this way??

Last, but, not least, “if you are so independent of a woman, then why do you even need support of a man under any circumstances, be it for career?? Why always begging for support for career?? Be a real independent woman and do it all by yourself !!” I see a lot of hypocrisy in demanded respect and support from a whole group (gender here) whom you yourself do not want to respect and support.

Why do these toxic women keep begging for support??

And if a normal or egalitarian woman supports both men and women considering them as equal human beings, then she becomes a pain in the ass of these toxic women or as I call it “toxic mahila mukti morcha” and these women start letting their internal misogynistic behaviour being manifested clearly. Actually, these are those burdens on society who exercise both, misandry as well as misogyny, and if anyone points out at their toxicity then they have that tagline embedded in their vocabulary “You are a misogynist.” Like WTF?? You have shown your misogynistic behaviour, both directly and indirectly, and if anyone points out at your toxic mentality, then they are a misogynist? 😂

(PS: I have not written all this because I want to be a home-maker. I am highly career-oriented. I have written this because I respect home-maker women as much as any career oriented woman and man. Also, I believe in egalitarianism.)

For strangers and known ones alike.

All I ask for is, don’t bring me to a point where I become like you and make you hate yourself through me.

Wildest fantasies

They say it’s possible that your wildest fantasies will be fulfilled.

Well, my wildest fantasies are ‘earth suddenly stopping from rotating’, ‘sun exploding like a bomb’, and ‘earth (and whole solar system) being crashed and swallowed by a giant black hole’.

They did not mean this wild fantasies, I guess. 🤔

Pretty Little Thing

PC- Preet

Digital Art- Lady

By Preet.

Not good enough for me.

I left you because I realized that you were not good enough for me. I will always say that you were not good enough for me because a person who deceived me in every capacity he could, could really never be good enough for me. Sadly, it took me really long to realize this. I wasted so much of my time and energy on someone who didn’t deserve even half of it.

Thoughts of the day.

-Oppose me only if you ever got a hint that it could change my actions or my mind, or know your place, which in my opinion and in my life does not exist.

-Don’t be so FAKE that you keep talking against something that you are so desperately trying to show-off to the world.

-It’s easy to talk about love, and so difficult to respect the person you so adamantly hold onto, calling your obsession, love.

-Pettiness, insecurity, and inefficiency lies in the fact that you start talking against something when you get to know that someone else can do it better than you.

-Power doesn’t lie in saying impactful words, It lies in holding everything in actions with integrity.

Last but not least, “Great minds always encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds” (a quote by Albert Einstein), I am holding it dearly since my very childhood, yet many people still don’t understand why I don’t give a single shit to oppositions and pressure by those who feel too influencial on social media. Darling, you are just one block button away for me to completely eliminate your existence for me. Who are you again??

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