Pity 👎

Despite having many good neighbourers, there is always that filthy one, who holds grudges for years, that too, with a dead one from your family.


My Nature ❤💫


Intense feeling,

The utmost sincerity

in all situations, especially in love.


This year I am quite high on “Your misunderstandings about me and what I write or say are your problems, Not Mine, specially when you didn’t even flinch a little to clear them out. You can live with your delusions. That doesn’t come under my accountability.”

And it goes for everyone.

BS of LS People

Every typical low standard person belonging to a middle-class to a girl- “Do you do house-chores?” That too not in a casual way, but in an authoritative sense; like it’s her job to do it.

They don’t even think as a second thought to ask “How much do you earn??”

Sometimes I really want to reply with “I am looking for a house-keeper/helper. When are you joining??” But I know that I’d be the rude/cruel one then.

So nope ! I let them LS B**ches stay that way.

[Note: I have specifically said ‘ low standard person’ by which I do not mean every middle class has low standards or has low standard person(s)]

Blessed !!

Baaki sabb toh theek hai par kbhi 2 din pizza, brownies, chocolava cake, tacos, chocolate shake, stuffed garlic bread, pizza-burger kha ke baad 5 kg weight kamm hua hai??


Translation: All other things aside, ever lost 5 kg weight after eating pizza, brownies, chocolava cake, tacos, chocolate shake, stuffed garlic bread, pizza-burger for 2 days?? 💃💃💃💃💃🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Okay..Let me explain this through science now. There is no miracle in it. Actually, if an individual creates calorie deficit for a week or more by either taking lesser calories than required or by doing cardio exercise or by a combination of both but his/her body weight does not reduce even in grams, it means that that person’s lipids (fat cells) are being converted into energy n water but his/her tryglecerides are storing water (daily water intake) in the place of those lipids until the brain signals them to release that water, AND when that person takes carbohydrates to his/her mind’s satisfaction, then the brain sends signals to trilglycerides to release that excessively stored water. In short, the efforts made for days give results in a day sometimes, in weight loss. I said “I am blessed” earlier because at least that carbs intake didn’t increase my weight, rather it helped in showing good results of my efforts. Also, stress causes one to store water weight.

I know about it from a very long time (9 years) and that’s why I do not stop my efforts no matter how long it takes to show the results. (In everything though)

Who cares??

Some people get really offended by an idea which doesn’t fit their orthodox ways, but, who cares??

One thing.

1 thing I’d never compromise on,

🙄 Nevermind..It’s a long long list.


Some XYZ-Aren’t you think Mr. Y is amazing?

Me-Yes. I are think he is amazing.

A buried thought.

I am a buried thought of your mind

that will evoke an emotion-inexplicable

when you will least expect it.

Alternate stories.

People assume so much about me and my life (mostly wrongly) that sometimes I am like “Okay..Let me know more!! Like what’s happening next?? Your story seems more interesting..And I am curious to know now!!” 😂🤣

A heartfelt thanks to the kind ones though, who, despite confusion or unclarity of the situation, still choose to say something humanely.. ❤💫

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