Personal view-point on a widely used quotation.

This is one of a few quotes that really irritate me.

First of all, quotes are some statements made by different people based on their personal view-points, opinions, situations and life in general. Like one size does not fit all, one quotation cannot be true completely or suit all.

Secondly, quotations are mostly one-liners or a paragraph which are generally not backed up by an explanation on why they have been written, so, they create a lot of misunderstandings about their exact meaning. Like digit 6 can be read as 9 when inversed or when read by two people standing in opposite directions, the same goes with such quotations.

Thirdly, coming to this particular quotation, it is not even a quotation as such. It is just a line, from a novel which I am sure is beautifully written and, must have it’s backing in the novel itself. This quote actually refers to one’s potential in relationships. Here, the word ‘potential’ means how a person is thought to be behaving in the future by a person who has been seeking that first mentioned person as a partner considering his/her probable qualities to come to the fore in the expecting person’s view-point. It has not talked about the general potential of anybody as a person outside from the expectation of a relationship.

Fourthly, considering it even as an expected potential in a person about his/her qualities regarding relationship, it sounds a demeaning quote that says that one ‘has to date their reality’. Here, what if somebody does not even know one’s reality? What if one person’s own judgement is wrong about the outer world in general because of their internal biases? Be it in relationships or otherwise, if one person cannnot accept other’s flaws, then that person really does not deserve anyone to be with them when they themself show their own flaws. And, nobody is flawless.

Last but not the least, this line is actually meaning to reiterate to somebody that whom they like actually currently does not deserve them and that person should not let his/her good view-point about that person over-power what that person is actually showing them (which can actually be bad traits).

I get irritated with quotes because of their incapacity to make things clear due to lack of explanation, desire to create more of confusions, and still pressing them upon others as something of eternal value.

(1st March, 2020)

Personal blog on Why I don’t go with the flow.

Why don’t I only observe where the other person goes and just go with the flow??

1. I do observe. I have observed a lot more than anyone can imagine and by the time other people think that I need to start observing, I have already observed enough and even concluded what’s happening and what would happen. I am not only intuitive psychically, I observe patterns much better than that.

2. If I will only keep on observing, then I will give my power to the other person to take the decision for me.

3. When I have concluded something based on observation and intuition and I am still not taking action based on that, both of them will prove to be futile; and I will always take the right action based on my principles, not based on what other people try to show me on surface level. I am almost immune to manipulation of any kind.

4. I want to save the other person and myself from wasting time and energy and just want to come to the point and set things straight for the future. I am mostly future oriented.

5. I don’t like to go with the flow. Only dead fish go with the flow. And I think that the universe has created me like this for a reason, and the reason can be to create the flow for myself and others. If everyone will be indecisive and keep on thinking about going with the flow, then even the universe will lose its mind (😂) that nobody does anything on their own. If I can do something, why would I put it in other people’s hands?

(27th feb,2020)

Not a difficult one..

I am not difficult

I have just learnt it the hard way that

People make you do things

Then blame you for doing the same things.

So, I just don’t mend my ways to their demands,

May they consider rude my reprimands.

Silly though, they don’t know what they themselves want,

But want you to adhere to their wishes..

Not sorry, I say not obliged to your demands.


When their judgements don’t stop about your thoughts,

You have to stop your thoughts about their judgements.

A positive thought. ❤

You know the fate is on your side,

When good people are on your side,

When even strangers care,

You are gaining abundance I swear.

To my Karma..🙏

Oh my darling Karma,

I have learnt my lessons really well,

If you are going to indulge me with the same old strife

Just to make the pending karma of others with me gel,

I request you to make them eat their own shit

I am sure they have of it a big deep well

Not interested in taking any friend guised foe in my life again,

Even if it’s written by you they have to pay for my pain,

Throw them far away

Don’t indulge them in my life again.

Foreign vibes.

Only when I am happy I realize how much I love to be so,

Singing, dancing, creating, moving my body in a flow,

Only when I am happy I realize how much I want to resist a bad vibe,

Jealousy, resistence, hatred, mental filth

The stagnancy of others’ behaviour makes me strive,

Oh lord.. Why can’t you make everyone happy.. I know I am asking for too much,

But I am really done feeling so low,

Don’t want that low reception of happiness and low vibes from others as such.

I have no idea how they think or what they do,

I am sure they don’t know about me much,

Why can’t it happen that they be happy collectively

I know resistence exists,

contradiction persists,

Mistakes are made,

Mental energy is spent n paid,

Old memories fade,

Why can’t they tell truthfully what bothers them,

Why can’t they let me know,

Their part of the story must be important,

They shall tell me if they can’t let it go,

There are strong reasons from the other sides too,

If I can tell my reasons, be happy and move forward,

Why can’t they do??

Such diplomacy..

Social media is such a warzone of quotes,

Agni-6 launched from instagram,

Got it through facebook post defunct,

Possibility of diplomacy on high alert,

“I did not mean it.”

“That was not for you.”

When they meet in real they never get blunt.

No explaining.

I don’t want to explain anymore,

I feel like explaining my actions again,

To whom do I owe this?

I guess nobody,

But I feel I do.

Those who tell me to go with the flow,

Why can’t they go with it without much ado.

I don’t want to explain anything anymore,

What I am doing, I know, I am sure.

Puraane panne..(old/read pages)

Puraane panno ko khol ke padh to lo,

Par yaad rakho ki uske aage ki kahani kya hai.

(Read the old already read pages,

But remember the unfolded story after them).

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