sed lyph

When you have no partner but you act on social media like you have one,

“Just being in the feeeels for now”

“Sed lyph”😪 “Teerz”😢 “Lonely planet”🌍

If you ever see me laughing looking at my mobile screen, it only means that I am hilarious..😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Yes, of course !!


If you say in irritation “Aise kar bey..” and then immediately call her “bae”, does she become “baybay” (punjabi baybay)??


(Punjabi/Indian assorted lame joke)

Archives 😛😏

Realized in 2019. I think I am comparatively too lenient now🤣, although it’d be great if someone can do at least one of them… 😝


From LOL to LMAO,

We all understood the importance of our ass.

Why so peaceful??


Because convicted as a murderer doesn’t go down well in resume.


Let’s play Kim.

She told him when we will be together I’ll play ‘Kim’ for you,

he became happy thinking about Kim Kardashian

While she meant Kim Jong.


Does this resonate??

People be thinking you in a love triangle while you in a love octagone yet single forever.


Who said that?

Me as an advocate- “Your Honour, I have screenshots.”

“Your honour, this guy was drunk AF !” 🥴

PS- Don’t try the latter in any court.



Therapist: What do we do when we like someone?

Me: We stay quiet and use telepathy so that that person may know what’s in our mind.

Therapist: HELL NO !!


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