Crazy fact of my life.

The things that I think about and how they appear in front of me or turn into a reality is so far the craziest fact of my life.


Ben n jerry vanilla is the thing,

Oh no ! Not for a fling.

(Did anyone get it??)

Quotes and Thoughts.

Here are a few quotes and words that I wrote and live by. You may check out my page Your Choicest Lifestyle on instagram for more of such quotes. There are more than 350 original quotes on my page. For travel, lifestyle, food, selfies and original reels, do check my main profile page Preet.pi on instagram. I assure you, you won’t regret taking a look at both the accounts. Also, please check out the stories as well on my Preet.pi page.


Thought-Latent enmity.

Most of the times, I have to make peace with thr fact that most people won’t like my work just because it’s done by me.

Sweet dream..

Do you ever see someone in your dream in the morning, his vibe so good and pure with you in that dream that your whole day is spent pretty smoothly thereafter??

Quote: Hypocrisy

You will see some people talking against something only till they don’t have it, once they have it, they will show it off more than the people who already had it, be it things or money.

Amen.. 😌

May you get drunk and a have peaceful sleep,

May chihuahua kiss you deep.

Stay balanced..

Your good soul feels that they are as good as your soul is, your ego (rationality) lets you know they ain’t shit or are just a piece of shit. Stay balanced !!

Your soul will pay for its goodness, only your mind can save it and you.

Sleeping dead 😴

Sleeping dead is self-care,

Just forget the world exists,

Move into your dream n nightmare,

It repairs your wounds

It cleanses your mind

There are other ways as well

But it’s the most natural way to self-care.


Only that person would appreciate your toxic energy who wants to use you, or who knows he/she is incapable of finding a better company, or who is afraid to live alone.