Clear much??

Me even in my dream: Solving international disputes. (Really!!)

Le people on social media whom I have not talked to, personally for years and to many, never- “Leave that guy who bla bla bla bla bla.”

We are definitely not on the same level.

And don’t come to me with your drama where you are saying that you are just trying to solve My Problems That Actually Do Not Even Exist; whereas you are creating those problems out of thin air. Do you understand that you are the real problem when you do this??


Let’s write verses,

and never read them again.

#38 My Bestie

How would you rate your confidence level?

Without any scale.

You did not ask “What’s your confidence level?” My darling WordPress.


“You get attracted to what you are.”

“I never thought I was Dollars!!”

Photography-A Cow in the Hills.

Cow on a road in hills feels different. It represents calmth, resilience, and survival.

My law college 😜

I have studied from a college where the hottest ones were interested only in studies. Most people can’t get it.

Totally done with drama!

Just this 👌 close to blocking a couple of overly dramatic people more, who create drama first and then some more after you talk about it or push them away.

Undesirable ones.

Undesirable people always have a way to say, “I am always here, watching.”

A Distant Connection

Heart to heart 💜💫

I Think For All

This connection is pure,

now I am sure..

Never demanded

Unlike other soul sucking experiences,

Into my cup, you pour,

as I ever did to you;

with all the stumbles and disconnections in between;

sometimes it feels obscure,

sometimes it feels pure,

leaving either of us

Sometimes unbothered

Sometimes wanting for more.

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Qotd-Whom to disappoint.

Toxic people want you to pass THEIR vibe check desperately. Disappoint them always!!

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