Crystal Clear TOXIC!!

A narcissist be cheating upon his wife/current partner, trying to hoe around all of his exes, keeping an eye on love life of all of his exes, burning with jealousy when any of them is moving on or moves on, calling any of them toxic when they try to keep their boundaries intact, making fun of them and their life, wanting them to stay attached, stalking anyone who gets interested in any of his exes romantically, trying to control the narrative of story of people whom he abused, manipulating people and his victims by calling them mentally unstable and toxic and crazy, keep triangulating amongst his exes as well as between any ex and current partner, never taking accountability of his own toxicity, never admitting his toxicity and childish immaturity,

Tries to look like the friendly helpful mature ex after all this abuse just because he is utterly delusional about himself as well as other’s life and has a herd of other narcissists who support him and his miserable self.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

4 thoughts on “Crystal Clear TOXIC!!”

  1. I spent 4 years with a narcissist and it almost completely destroyed me, fortunately one day I ended up getting enough strength to be able to go no contact and walk away completely

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