Sidelinks-Ugly inside out…..

The fact that one’s love is safe and the wannabe side chicks are sliding off automatically- Satisfaction level-Infinity. The truth is nobody can come between what is truly meant to be and there is a thing called ‘Forcing Stuff’ that most people are used to. How can they ever be okay with being a side option?? I don’t get it. Where does their rationality go? Does their self-respect exist? If they don’t know that they are an option, that is fine, but when they really get the proofs of being Just An Option, just how can they ever think that they can be the Main Character in someone else’s story?? Should just leave and be the main character of their own life rather than eyeing on other people’s love story in order to snatch someone else’s lover. Had they have to be their love, they would have become by now by destiny.

Forcing stuff doesn’t always have to be dramatic or loud in any sense. Sometimes, it’s quite silent like showing off silently doing only those things that they know their target likes, trying to be what kind of person they like despite Not being that person actually, and secretly Competing with their partner in many ways, while not saying a single word that can make those sidelinks Ugly person that they truly are.


Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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