Extremely overly-hyped coffee.

Starbucks is so over-rated, I can’t even tell how much!! It’s basically 200 ml water in the form of ice, 50-70 ml milk,with a spoon of each of syrups of your choice, coffee, and whipped cream with a dazzle of syrup of your choice on the top.

It tastes pathetic (Personal opinion) and feels like you are under-mixing everything in water only.

Till date I have tried 3 flavours only, that too 2 others so that I could be sure that I just didn’t choose the wrong flavour the first time but I am done with it completely.

Never found anything as overly-hyped as Starbucks Coffee in terms of food.

PS- I have clicked a pic of it because they (including me) say that you criticize it the most when you don’t have it or can’t get it. So, here is the proof, and here only my criticism.


Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

15 thoughts on “Extremely overly-hyped coffee.”

    1. May I ask you one thing?? Why does your website always show “This website is no longer available. The authors may have deleted it.”
      I have tried reaching you many times to read your work.
      I remember once you shared a link to your blogs but after that this thing is continuing. 🙂

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