Unusual food combinations-Personal Favourites.

My favourite unusual food combinations that are actually delicious-

Chinese Veg Chowmein with South Indian Coconut Chutney (coconut sauce)- An absolute favourite. When those strong flavours mingle with each-other, they simply create magic to my taste buds. The chutney should have south indian tampering and chowmein should have moderate amount of chinese sauces.

Maggi noodles (without adding maggi spice) with North Indian Palak Curry(Spinach curry)- Can’t say that I love it but it still tastes and feels good, but for that Palak Curry shall be creamy and with mild north indian spices, otherwise the basic taste of maggi noodles gets dominated by palak gravy, and vice-versa is applicable if maggi masala is added to maggi.

Gobhi masala (Fried cauliflower cooked with north indian spices) with zeera(cumin seeds) rice- People usually prefer to eat some gravy with rice. I also love those combinations but this is my absolute favourite. But if the cauliflower is not fried, then it doesn’t taste that good with rice (personal bias).

Drinking cold orange juice with lukewarm milk coffee- I think barely anyone would have tried this combination but this one makes my mind active. Also, orange juice after drinking coffee tastes really good. It may cause health complications related to acidity, didn’t cause anything as such to me though.

I could recall only these unusual food combinations, I will update with another post if I remember more of my personal favourites.

I would love to know about your unusual food combinations as well. Kindly comment down if you have any such favourites. πŸ˜πŸ˜‹


Author: Angry Bird

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