#28 My Bestie

Describe your most ideal day from begining to end.

As it has been asked about the ideal day, I am assuming that I can write about a dreamy day for me as it could be.

So, let’s start with the morning.. Oh, but I am lazy and cozy in the arms of my sweetheart under the sheets on a super comfy bed, having no desire to get out of this heavenly place-his arms.

After we are done being cozy that way, perhaps after making out as per our desire, without paying any heed to the time, we may decide to get out of the bed and get ready with comfy clothes.

Oh, did I say it’s going to be a spring season and the breeze is soft, slow, fresh and fragrant. After getting ready, going for a walk to the woods and inhaling the rawness and freshness of shrubs and listening to the chirping of the birds would feel great, and if there is a small waterfall, that would be a cherry on the cake.

Umm..Did I mention that we would be eating, while on the walk, fresh fruits and each-other? And when we are done eating (whatsoever), we may rest there and enjoy nature until evening.

Evening I want on a beach, where him and I are dressed well in a suit and gown, respectively. Champagne; slow dance; dinner, getting lost into each-other, every moment.

And then calling it a day in each-other’s arms, again, after a shower.

Well, that’s my ideal day.

(PS: This is not my honeymoon fantasy. Honeymoon is something I won’t even describe anything about as to what, where, how, and why. Shhhhh..Those days will remain secret..)


Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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