People often think that one should not choose comfort and give upon something. I object to this. Sometimes, giving up feels like dying. Personally, it is so, specially when I have worked on something day and night and I am 80% sure of success. The scenario is that the deadlines are the closest, and stupid narcissistic bitches (one of the main reason for giving up) are doing their best to frustrate me, after which it keeps on drawing upon me that a cycle is being repeated THE SAME EXACT THINGS, SITUATIONS, WORDS, TIMELINE, everything is being repeated. My intuition told me that I would fail if I won’t give up.

My two strengths-anytical thinking and intuition, both were telling me to give up. Analytically, I need to be 100% sure about success in something, 80% is too low (not egoistically but logically) and it’s not that I could not bring it to 90%-95% probability in that very short time i.e. 1 day left till the deadline. But you know, that ONE BITCH who was making sounds with his motor-bike ON PURPOSE, that one PSYCHO BITCH because of which I could not sleep for 2 nights at the scheduled time n got angry as well for a few days, made my fear of failure stronger as every single thing was repeating. This time I did not pay much heed to the bitches online who were just spitting false shit, so this psychopath bitch came in real to annoy me.

As a result, I decided to give up after being so close to gaining from an opportunity.

I have made it in my mind that I would not let any cycle repeat that led to my adversity or failures in the past, be it about anything.

PS: If someone keeps writing on a page or is commanded/requested to write “Keep it secret until it’s done. Outside energy can throw off goals.” Alongwith other outside energy that shit (writer) is itself one of the biggest unlucky and evil outside shit that you need to get rid of. Some people try to become your well-wishers but their energy is SHIT AF, specially when you have the proofs of it in terms of patterns repeating the same way over n over again alongwith their psycho part played in it. I don’t understand why those bitches can’t stay away and mind their own business !!

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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