Dressed to impress myself.

If I changed 4 dresses on my birthday, I am wondering how many dresses would I change on my wedding.

Well, how 4 dresses on my birthday, let me explain- 1. On waking up I wore a baby pink coloured long strapped strap n knot frock, to have the view of the mountains. Yeah, it was cold yet I did care less about it after which I actually started. sneezing n got a little fever. Yayee.. Even my face, specially eyes got serious bloating. 😂🤣 Gladly, I got rid of the bloating by late evening.

2. After taking bath, I wore a brown-rust coloured shimmering strappy dress with black coat to have a round of the terrace of the place(Casa Arhan Luxury Stay) I was at to enjoy the view of the lights in the evening.

3. I wore my Birthday Dress for cake cutting, of which I have uploaded a picture on my instagram feed. Grayish-purpleish holographic, all glittery and skin tight bodycon with a fancy one-shoulder silky neck. Honestly, one of my most favourite dresses till date. But I changed it right 5-10 minutes after cutting cake.

4. For the snacks, I preferred to look like a snack (I know I am being shameless here 🤣) but the dress is of that kind only. The shortest dress I have ever worn, that barely covered me, as a bodycon- backless till the hips, strappy with really exposing neck from the top in the front as well as barely covering from the bottom/hemline. Okay, so this one was silver sequined light gray coloured and was kind of more comfortable too, for having dinner.

PS- I dressed to make myself happy n impress myself the whole day. 💃❤💫😍🧿


Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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