#23 My Bestie

What have you learned in your life about love?

Which kind of love? All I know is there are many kinds of love and the love I get from my family and myself is the only real one. The romantic stuff is not love, it’s just that-Romance. Care+honesty+sacrifice, that’s what makes real love. Although, if you add these virtues alongwith romance, that too is love, a love of different kind, that we share with only a lover or spouse. Other kinds exist as well but kindly don’t inculcate possessiveness, jealousy, as attributes of love. They don’t exist where true love does. These are attributes only of a Controlling person, although that person may be one’s spouse or parent or friend or any other relationship.

PS- I have not learnt this recently. This is something I carry as a virtue since adolescence and that’s why it’s quite difficult to make me think or fall for the kind of love others carry i.e. date》fuck》control》marry/break-up.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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