I know who !!

Best time pass of an ugly person, on the internet:

Why does she use make-up?

why is she/he using filter?

why isn’t she/he being simple?

Read between the lines: Why doesn’t she/he look shit-faced like me??

An ugly narcissist is worse than any other. GEEZ! LITERALLY!!

“If anyone whom I am jealous of would not dance to my tunes, then I would try to make them feel under-appreciated by commenting compliments on other person’s profile who is equally jealous of the person whom I want to make feel bad about themself, although that person has proved it time n again that they do not give any shit about any of us jealous bitches!!”

“And by the end of it all, I would act like a well-wisher as I think that that person would be broken by that time.”


DUMB, undoubtedly !!

Some people can see through any narc’s bullshit !! AND YOU ARE UGLY INSIDE AND OUT.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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