How do they have trust issues?? First of all, they don’t trust anyone. It’s just not in them to trust people. Secondly, you lie to them once and they take it as a confirmation for life not to trust you.

Can one love someone without trusting them?? Yes, they can. Scorpios are those people who love someone or more than one, without trusting them. And, this is how their unconscious self-sabotaging begins. Also, that love-hate dynamic with people. Most probably this dynamic starts in their own family. Either they stay quite distant from people where they do not even need to question others’ loyalty and trustworthiness or they can’t trust anyone completely. It does not mean that they cannot trust anyone for anything; just not with everything. They always have secrets that nobody knows about, their whole life.

Trust you?? Of course, I do. 1-10% (in short, that’s how they trust people, diplomatically.)

One very important thing- If they find even one person in their life whom they can trust with everything completely, they reach the top in whatever they put their mind to, and by this I mean the Highest Top.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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