Astrological Advice

It’s better not to mess with or be a block in the path of any scorpio-sun, moon, or rising, till 22nd nov as this time the new moon is in scorpio and it’s a scorpio sun season going on as well. They are at their best and they are going to do the best in whatever they would love to do AND they won’t even think twice to give you that scorpion venomous sting if you won’t stop or would try to cross them.

Note: This situation is according to the western astrology, not vedic. Those who consider their rashi vrishchik in vedic astro are sagittarius moon in western astrology, not scorpio moon,whereas, those who have tula rashi in vedic astrology are scorpio moon in western astrology. The same rule applies for the sun/rising sign differences in both kinds of astrology.


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