Ponder Upon It Deeply !

People when you compare yourself with others,

Do Not Forget Your Age !!

I’d never ever tell a 20 year old that I am a post-graduate in law/political science/Ph.D scholar, earning this much and other bla bla things and thus I am better in career while according to the education system, that person can just complete graduation in arts/commerce/science etc. or can still be in the middle of doing law graduation according to their current age.

The same goes for money..Someone may be doing much much better than you according to their age and circumstances they had to deal with, while you might be just a drunk bully fighing with other people in that age. Most probably you can’t reach their level in your entire life, given their intellectual capacity and your incapacity.

Last but not the least, egoistic about physique?? (this one I am going to take personal) I lost 57 kg weight and it keeps fluctuating from time to time about which I feel no insecurity as I can reduce it as per my wish, while some people who were born skinny are still skinny and then they think they are better. I improved my physique manifolds through cardio as well as strength training, which really counts as growth whereas where do you stand?? Skinny to skinny?? Literally no improvement ! Can you even pick up the weights equal to your own weight?? Or just some people gave you validation for your unhealthy body structure and you took it too seriously and imbibed it in your psyche forever that it’s something to boast about??

Learn how to compare rationally (if you can’t live without comparisons) lest you are just proving yourself to be an IRRATIONAL NARCISSISTIC FOOL..!!

And to put everything straight in the end, I am saying it again, I am in no way interested in playing mind-games with anyone, being in touch with strangers in any way, competing, comparing, etc. I have too many things to do to even give a F about being attentive to what jealous strangers are upto, on a daily basis; leave alone competing. Your jealousy, your envy, your problem. You are burning daily, not me !! AND don’t try to project your insecurities and jealousy on me, I am not new to those tactics being used upon me by others. You are neither the first, nor the last one to project your negatives on me and surely on someone else too!!


Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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