Not one-sided.

When I said I fell for my (former) best friend, I did not mean that it was one-sided; true love, yes, it was one-sided; but interest one-sided?? Naah..He was also interested in me. Infact, he also said that he had crush on me, after our first meeting. But he was actually lying about a few things after I fell for him. So, now I can never trust anyone who gets interested in me or chases me in any way. And as the time passed by, the dynamic that broke the connection was that he wanted me all by his side but he himself was straying around a few others as well.

Now, for my own sanity, I gotta keep distance until I am quite sure about someone’s intentions. Not that I didn’t have this mindset before meeting him, but I think that I had to learn the lesson of not being too soft-hearted with people, the hard way.


Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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