Why so mad?

Some People:

  1. Keep throwing opinions open in the air trying to aim at me to make me do something according to their opinion.
  2. Keep trying to impose themselves on me despite me having no interest in them romantically or relationship wise.
  3. Keep trying to guilt trip me for the things I do and my ways despite all of my ways being right, legally as well as morally.

Those SOME PEOPLE are the ones whom I have never met and never have talked over even a phone call.

The level of stupidity here is insane to be this much invested in a stranger’s (me) life. Although, they may have known me one or the other way or they may be known ones from the past, but, I literally have nothing to do with any of them, which I have made clear in precise terms time and again. But no! Also, they won’t even seek therapy to get rid of this obsession with my life. Why so obsessed?? I can’t ask it enough as their psychopathy has no limit.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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