Arranged marriage: Would you gel so well otherwise??

What I never understand about arranged marriages is that How can two people gel so well so quickly??.. The same people who took years to open up to others in their courtship phase.

Must be peer pressure or the mindset that they are left with no other choice now.


Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

19 thoughts on “Arranged marriage: Would you gel so well otherwise??”

    1. With due respect to your view-point, I think marriage is all about a happy and free union. Compromises do exist, in or outside of married life, but if someone’s life was going on better n smooth before marriage, and marriage has become just a relationship of compromises, then it’s not done right. Either the partner is wrong or one of the two were not ready for the marriage.


          1. Haha sad but true most cases. But overall, I wish people lead a happy marriage. And I love your post. Somedays I am busy to read. But i keep following it. Keep writing. God bless you ❀❀ lots of love

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  1. It is almost as though that concept is meant to cure and rescue those coming of age from the ravages of individual passionate confusion. Here is your task from now on… go perform it and learn. Something left over form an earlier era. Fascinating too how many Indian parents cannot fully extricate themselves from this practice in the face of modernity. All I can come up with is I am glad I did not grow up under this idea. I really am tied to making my own mistakes.

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  2. I have been reading alot of books with a feminism under current, and I think I never realized how held back we were. In the arranged marriage, think about the woman, what were her rights? The men just accepted it, and got what they wanted. They never even get to imagine who they could be or what they want…

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  3. I think because they start from compromise to make the marriage work as a couple versus two individuals trying to see if the differences are acceptable enough to consider compromise.

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  4. Some are out of true and sincere feelings. Some are naturally. And some are as you have mentioned by peer pressure or the mind set up. Even all those fail they don’t need to wonder about hell. Thank you for your poignant words.

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