Do I mind opinions??

My rules regarding opinions:

By family- They literally ask me, before giving their opinion about anything related to me, “Can I say something about it??”

By Friends- My former best friend used to ask me “May I say something about it??”

Any outsider at studies or work- Directly or indirectly asks for the permission to say something.

Any XYZ dumbass page owner bitch on the internet having the audacity to talk non-sense full of shit after stalking me on surface level (my blog, fb, and/or instagram pages), always having the confidence that that shit would be taken by me, despite me making it clear time n again that I give no fucks; talking blatantly irrelevant bullshit all the time just to provoke me and then act like a peaceful one after getting reaction from me, just to maintain the image of spirituality which is FAKE AS FUCK !!

Seems like the last one really needs a psychiatic treatment, Those boundary breaching psychopaths. Those useless bitches, I can easily tell, having nothing else to do in life.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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