Fast or slow?

You may be feeling like you are moving way too slow like your life has real roadblocks or energetic blocks, yet a few people think that you are moving too fast. Don’t know why but it’s more like either jealousy or inefficiency on their part, and sometimes, it’s both. Guess what ?? It’s even possible that it’s those people’s negative envious energy that is actually slowing you down.

I am still unable to understand why a few people are always having an eye on you. These are those people who mostly act like they care and are concerned with you when you hit your lows and are going through some real life losses BUT are almost never happy when your life is going smooth or you are happy on your own or you are succeeding at some level and achieving something worthwhile in life.

Who wants this kind of people in their life?? Not me. Never.


Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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