Thoughts of the day.

-Oppose me only if you ever got a hint that it could change my actions or my mind, or know your place, which in my opinion and in my life does not exist.

-Don’t be so FAKE that you keep talking against something that you are so desperately trying to show-off to the world.

-It’s easy to talk about love, and so difficult to respect the person you so adamantly hold onto, calling your obsession, love.

-Pettiness, insecurity, and inefficiency lies in the fact that you start talking against something when you get to know that someone else can do it better than you.

-Power doesn’t lie in saying impactful words, It lies in holding everything in actions with integrity.

Last but not least, “Great minds always encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds” (a quote by Albert Einstein), I am holding it dearly since my very childhood, yet many people still don’t understand why I don’t give a single shit to oppositions and pressure by those who feel too influencial on social media. Darling, you are just one block button away for me to completely eliminate your existence for me. Who are you again??


Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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