Sick people want others sick as well-EVIL EYE.

When they say “save yourself from an evil eye”, they do not lie. You may think that why would anyone be jealous of me or my healing or happiness?? I am getting better, it’s a blessing. People may get good energy from me if I share my good vibes openly. But it’s not true. No matter how good n positive you are, some dark, evil n envious ones always put their negativity onto you and then you may fall ill physically n mentally out of the blue. I was doing well for one week quite positive, but since a day before yesterday I got fever, severe headache n kind of depressive cantankerous mood. People really are so disgusting that they want to bring down anyone down who has the ability to rise above their shit. I really don’t get it why some people are so envious by nature that they cannot see the other person ever doing well in life if that person does not want to carry their burden, even if that person doesn’t ask for their help or be a burden herself. TRULY SICK PEOPLE !!

(25th oct, 2020)


Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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