Shitass energy-bloody psycho stalker.

Do you ever feel that someone who keeps talking about being wary of outside energy is the biggest and ugliest outside energy himself?? That shithead keeping an eye on your every move being the reason of everything going wrong in your life and still that bitch won’t mind his goddamn business because he is blind to his own shit-ass energy??

You can sense the anger and anguish because I have literally felt this. Anything that could go best in my favour ended up in failure and destruction and heartbreak in my life because of that one person’s shitass eye on me and everything going on in my life. What an evil bitch !!

Still, even after reading this, and even after me telling this over and over again, that evil person won’t mind his bloody business. It doesn’t go in his psychopathic mind ever that if you cannot help someone, then at least don’t be a piece of shit that one has to ponder over and lose her mind. For fuck’s sake, Go To Hell !!

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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