Over-thinking is a myth.

You cannot tell a thinker that thinking will sabotage them,

Just like you cannot tell a fish that water will drown her,

For self-sabotaging is going against one’s core nature.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

4 thoughts on “Over-thinking is a myth.”

  1. thank you for often “liking” my blogs. It brings me back to see what your latest work is as well! I love your quote on “overthinking” because I’m often accused of that when what I’m doing is THINKING. Where would I be right now if I hadn’t thought through my actions and their positive or negative consequences?!!

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    1. Thanks for reading my work as well.. 🙂
      And it’s sad to know that people “accuse” someone of thinking overly which is a quite subjective to every individual. There is no fixed criterion to measure the amount of thinking required. Do as per your wish and requirement. People feel entitled to impose their own ways on others, but it’s in your hands to not let them affect you.
      “What if” “What would be” etc. can lead to anything in one’s imagination, but, also consider that if you hadn’t thought before doing something or some things or everything, you might have ended where you are now by trials n errors as well.
      So, if you have considered all or most of the pros and cons of actions to be taken, it’s great. It also means that you are analytical and know your strengths n weaknesses as well or at least, you are trying to figure them out by thinking , not over-thinking.

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