Why she has to stand tall,

She has learnt it the hard way.

She knows no tireness,

She knows no emotions,

She knows no relations,

She knows no remorse,

is all they think or say.

They see the obvious no doubt,

She chooses to show this side,

How indignant she felt at their thoughts,

She mostly chose to hide.

The times she showed remorse,

It was swayed with jestly innuendo;

The times she showed any emotion,

It was numbed with somebody else’s illusive emo-crescendo;

The times she showed tireness,

She was deemed to not rest but grind;

The times she valued relations,

She only got disappointments and no one of her kind.

(22nd nov, 2019)


Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

11 thoughts on “WHY SHE HAS TO STAND TALL”

  1. This was really good prose;

    “ The times she showed tireness,

    She was deemed to not rest but grind;”

    This passage in particular really resonated with me (though the whole piece was extremely poignant) with how much it felt reminiscent of hyper-productivity in our work-focused culture and how people are urged to neglect all facets of themselves so that they can be moulded into something palatable for all the pressures they are inundated with—social, work-wise, and even sometimes at the familial level. Especially with the following part about her disappointing relationships, it seems the other people just wanted someone who was always happy and easy to deal with, never letting their real feelings be known.

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