Not just a kiss.

When he hugs you affectionately, keeps you held in his arms, and just at one moment something clicks inside you and him. He kisses all over your face but doesn’t kiss your lips yet. His eyes looking into your eyes deeply, passionately, affectionately. His warm breath falling over your lips softly, and then you can’t wait anymore. That moment feels like waiting for years. You move your mouth towards his lips to kiss him, instead, he gets the sign, and begins to kiss you. He doesn’t stop there. He kisses you once softly. Then starts devouring your mouth pasionately. Your souls being sucked by each-other wanting for more and more and more. You don’t want it to stop ever. You kiss like there is no tomorrow. Even when you stop, he kisses you over and over again. You lose the count. Also, you lose your senses. The moment becomes a moment of pure love, lust, and surrender.

When you haven’t experienced something like that, you cannot get it why someone cannot forget that feeling. Also, you cannot think about Just A Kiss after that. It goes beyond a kiss and deeper than a kiss.


Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

7 thoughts on “Not just a kiss.”

  1. Moments like that are rare and precious, that goes deeper than mere physical or emotional, it builds attachments that transcend and create spiritual bonds.

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