Canny surrender.. #poem #poetry

Heart was talking relentlessly,

Mind made an espionage,

Love was stuck in the lips

Veins were boiling with lustful rage

A moment got snapped in the air, amidst

The ruthless mouth devoured my lips

An hour after hour after hour of canny surrender,

The whole room was filled with the fragrance of love n lust

and our bodies sweaty mist.

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Original publishing date: 14th june,2021)

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

18 thoughts on “Canny surrender.. #poem #poetry”

  1. The feeling when two bodies touch, when they passionately unite and give themselves to each other, that’s sweet surrender. And when those bodies become one, they share the same soul, passion and heartbeat. That line when they kissed, that was the unity of the souls entering one another and that’s loving your lust.😉🌹
    Lust and Love….sounds like a fragrance that can be sprayed on and worn!♥️

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  2. Have to the love the sensuality of when two people come together and create a bond nobody can feel but the two that are creating the bond ! I also write poetry as well, I would love if you go check it out! I loved reading this, as you have a way with words. Have a great day 🙂 !

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    1. Yes, the feeling of oneness of bodies n two souls is precious..Thank you for understanding and appreciating the poetry.. 😀 Of course, I am gonna check out your page, I love poetry.. ❤ Thank you for your feedback and have a great day.. 😇

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