Failure of communism.

The current scenario of communist states just reveals that communism is just an ideology to control resources and human beings in the name of equality. It has become just a tool in the hands of corrupt and power hungry bunch of people who take every measure to steal away the freedom of the masses. They are more animalistic than the liberal capitalist states. Communism as ideology fails at using the judicious means to a classless and stateless society, and it fails even as an end practically as no communist state actually wants to create a classless and stateless society.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

11 thoughts on “Failure of communism.”

  1. Liberal capitalists. I wonder if that exists really? Communism in its true sense of equal distribution of wealth is not really possible because of the flawed human thinking and socialism that should have been the saviour only exists in paper. Isn’t it that every country is failing, some in small magnitudes and some in large.

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  2. Marxist interpretation of communism leaves a lot to be desired and it’s pathetic that these ideologues have become so insular.

    Ideological fetishism at its worst. Marxism functions no differently than some religions

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