5th feb,22- Some people never grow up. They stalk me, be in their onesie competition, and always think I am stalking them, whereas I literally do not give a shit. Her husband sending me hearts in comments on my blogs n stalking my fb, insta n website till date. And the whole group of dumbfucks still thinking that whatever I write or do is about AT. SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE FUCK?? GET A LIFE !!

24th march, 21-I literally never called her a BITCH before this, but it’s true that she is a Goddamned INSECURE BITCH who keeps on competing with me sneakily as well as openly just because her BoyFriend doesn’t like her that much and keeps on coming towards me from time to time.

“BITCH, I DON’T GIVE A SHIT TO YOU and I didn’t get close to him TO SAVE YOUR UNWORTHY RELATIONSHIP. If you two are really about to get married that you said last year’s feb, why are you so fucking insecure about yourself and your relationship that you always have to keep an eye over what I do, and then Compare just to have some ATTENTION??

Have some self-respect ! Either leave him completely, so that he can go to whom he actually wants, OR STOP YOUR LOW STANDARD INSECURE SHIT.

I have seen very few LOSERS LIKE YOU, saying this very disrespectfully, who keeps one man in loop in a committed relationship, flirts with another one by being sympathy-seeker, and tries to get praise and attention from other in whom someone (I) got interested, being highly envious of me.

Stop keeping an eye on and trying to get validation from everyone who is related to me just because you are AN INSECURE BITCH !!”

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

4 thoughts on “LOSER INSECURE BITCH (TJ)”

  1. “Have some self-respect ! Either leave him completely, so that he can go to whom he actually wants, OR STOP YOUR LOW STANDARD INSECURE SHIT.”

    If she does leave him, and he approaches you, turn tail and run far away. He’s clearly broken her down and she’s convinced that she has to make him jealous to keep his attention. He is unhealthy and he’s dragging her down with him. Don’t bother with that man. Find someone else, and close off all potential contact with him because none of this is worth your attention

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    1. Thanks, love..For giving such a wise advice..Much much appreciated..❤❤
      I did exactly that but that dumb woman is egoistic and herself narcissistic to a good extent.
      Even after marrying him, she is stalking even my stories on instagram to compete with me.
      I have been keeping my distance from the last 3 years, was not even responding to texts..
      But that woman is not being torn down.. I am sorry to say this, but yes, some women are like that only..
      I was feeling hurt because they both got married recently..
      But that dumbfuck woman is envious of me n everything I do n did since the day she got to know about me n his interest in me..
      Why n how do I get dragged in a envious woman’s non-sense, I don’t get it..

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      1. Honestly, because HE put you there. If he behaved himself to start, she wouldn’t think you were a threat to her. But he said inappropriate things to her before proposing to her and ultimately marrying her. She has her own issues, don’t waste time trying to label her. Just realize they are BOTH poison. You would do well to simply block them both across everything. Do not block her and keep him, it will make everything worse. Just know that she is in a damaged and painful relationship and that you are not. Spend about 5 seconds empathizing with this woman who has to go through this for as long as she’s with him, and then block them both and move forward and never look back.


        1. I empathised with her for way too long..
          Blocked them both for 2 years..
          But as the time passed by, I realized that she was equally poisonous, not only him..
          He was bcz he was looking for n stalking me outside of his relationship, so I had done my best to keep him away..even blocked all of our mutual friends, so that there was no way with which he could reach me but he used fake accounts as well to reach me out..

          I was actually empathising with her that she was with him officially n didn’t even know what he was doing behind her back..
          I even talked to her about it(texted her) n told her that I would never come in between them, then wished her well in life with him n then blocked both of them, so that there could be nothing left for any chaos..
          But SHE IS ENVIOUS..Not because of him..Just because she wants to compete with me out of her own inferiority complex..
          She is too toxic to empathise with..


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