Under the moon..

It happens

the moment

I feel relaxed

You rule my mind..

Why am I feeling so obssessed lately

I have no reason to find..

“Laying under the moon

Hand in hand,

Sharing breathes

Lips locked

And next our tongues intertwined,

Soul getting desperate for a touch

To feel you, to feel me,

Blood rushing like a hot lava in the veins,

The night calls for a romantic rewind.”

(First published on: 29th june, 2021)

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

22 thoughts on “Under the moon..”

  1. Love the photo and the poem, they are a beautiful marriage together. Your clouds look like a cup holding the moon.
    You reminded me of a cool memory, the first time I spent New Year’s Eve with my husband while we were still dating. After midnight, we were on the beach, under a ton of glaring stars. It was definitely one of those “It can’t get much better than this” moments.

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    1. Wow.. ❤ So lovely of you to share your precious moment. I am glad that the poem is so relatable to you.. Thank you for stopping by n brightening up my day.. 💖💫


  2. Nothing like nature bringing out the passionate beast in two people letting that lustful love unleash in an environment so free. You put the feeling into it along with the description and the picture of the moon to bring out the aura of the poem itself! Great job.😊🌹♥️

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