When you

Take the stake

Not by mistake

Now you want to fake

Like you don’t know

Who it did belong to

And to understand everything

You need a break..

The above written poem is a satirical poem on those people in society who take another person’s share (economical) due to their greed and then, when they get caught, they pretend that they didn’t know that it belonged to another person and try to avoid the consequences of their fault/fraud.

(First published on 23rd Aug, 2021)

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

13 thoughts on “Gold(smitten)smith..”

  1. “Though I clothe my naked villainy in old odd ends stolen forth from Holy Writ, I seem a Saint….when mostly I play the Devil”
    One of my favorite quotes about the way humanity thinks when it comes to value. Borrower by day but a thief in the night, saints and sinners share seats cause some are one in the same. They do bad and try to justify it…deny what they can’t admit, admit what they can’t deny.

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            1. 🤣😂 Your words didn’t hurt at all.. I just wanted to clear the confusion, so I updated the blog by inculcating the context of the poem.. Thank you for your feedback n your view-point was pretty valid n amazing.. Take care..❤

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