Something wrong??

Do you ever feel that something is wrong ?? You don’t get it what it is but it is.. That gut feeling is there and you can’t explain the anxiety that comes with it.. You feel restless.. You shirk off that inner voice but it doesn’t stop.. And.. You literally can’t explain or point out what’s wrong.. Maybe it’s just gut feeling or something more..

This feeling is really growing stronger n stronger.. Not in a fearful way but kinda eating me up.. I can’t even explain what the hell it is.. despite nothing going wrong about n around me..

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

28 thoughts on “Something wrong??”

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    “One cannot always tell what it is that keeps us shut in, confines us, seems to bury us, but still one feels certain barriers, certain gates, certain walls. is all this imagination, fantasy? ….”
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  2. I get that feeling when things are amiss, it’s like a sense we no longer use but it’s still there, it does surprise me that more people do not seem to have it. Similar to a feeling you get when you meet someone and for no apparent reason feel a bit unsettled about them .


  3. There sure is something wrong with the whole USA. Everything is crumbling and far too many elected leaders are the source of the disintegration. I got this “something’s wrong” feeling too. If you got it there’s probably is something wrong. The signs are all around us.

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  4. This feeling has been a lifesaver for me, so don’t ignore it, At the same time, relax into it. One way I do it is to sit down in a quiet place, put on music and go talk to someone in my mind, someone I love and trust that’s gone. Just imagining a conversation. They ask me tons of questions like “What’s going on in your life right now? Where are you feeling restless? Are you unhappy with anything? What are your dreams telling you when you sleep? How is your health? Are you facing a choice right now? What are you worried about? Is there someone you care about that is in trouble?” That kind of thing. I hope this is helpful, and I hope you find a way to ease the feeling and the reason behind it. ♥.

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        1. Yeah..It’s useful..Actually, I was also into reflecting upon a few things like this but with time, I stopped doing it because sometimes, we tend to confuse ourselves by thinking n observing so much..Sometimes, all the things get jumbled n one doesn’t realize what for that intuition striked.. But..Nevertheless, this is a really wonderful way when one really wants to know why one s feeling something strange.. 🙂❤


  5. When one is deeply connected to this realm, this existence, then things wrong within it can create a sense of dis-ease that may not be visible in your day to day life. It is universal empathy. Time to go out, stop the noise of civilization and connect with the earth. Take off your shoes, close your eyes and breathe slowly. Feel her energy and let it ease your discomfort. 🤗❤️

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