Specific message

You know who you are. Just know one thing, if you acted and barked as One Mad Bitch when all I was doing was minding my business and was trying to heal from something as well as was trying to focus on something crucial in my career, nothing in hell or heaven can make you enter my life, no matter how much drama you create or how much you try to fake goodness. I am a forgiving person but I deny to smell shit just because it says it has changed into something else while all I have is the experience of being sick of it during every encounter, specially whenever I needed peace of mind and was trying really hard to focus on something really important. But I know that your sickness won’t let you understand this, so just read this message any and every time you try to enter my life. Stay away ! Stay out ! GO. TO. HELL. !!

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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