There are a couple of accounts of Dumb Bitches on instagram titled ‘Secretly_twisted’ and ‘Secretly_twisted2’ who have hatred and envy against me despite I don’t know any of them personally. These psychopaths are friends of a hater of mine. They imitate my communication style so that anyone who is following them and is known to me as well, think that it’s me who has been posting that shit.

It’s not me. It’s done to bully and harrass me mentally because those hoes have nothing else to do than keeping an eye on my social activities and then talking non-sense shit about it. It’s been more than an year by now since they started all this. I think they eat shit all day and thus spread only that. They do it to PROVOKE AND HARRASS ME. If I would get provoked, I would react; If I would not react, they would think that they succeeded in harrassing and shunning me. And PITY on them that they do not get a proper treatment from a psychiatrist. I AM SURE THAT THEY HAVE NO MENTAL WORK TO DO WHOLE DAY, BUT I HAVE.

I am writing it here so that, if anyone thinks that it’s me who posts or gets posted that psychopathic toxic and dumb stuff, they shall keep this in mind that it’s not me. Those are just LOSER BITCHES.

(And yes! They totally deserve this language. I am very respectful to those who are good-mannered, good-natured and free of ill-will when they do not have reasons to behave otherwise; but these psychopathic bitches? They are Pure Stinking Shit !!)

PS- I am writing all this without even joule of angry energy in me. These dummies be losing on multiple levels.

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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