Feeling insulted? GOOD.

Me: Liking a few posts of a couple of pages on social media.

Psychotic Narcissist Stalker: Noticed that. Started using those accounts to affect me with his filthy mind because that COWARD cannot say anything clearly directly.

Me: Doesn’t see the posts of that page for a few weeks. By chance, once in a while, I do.

Result: That toxic psycho is dumb as well. LOSER.

“If you think that me telling a few facts about you of which I have evidences as well, is an insult, then feel insulted because that’s the reality and it won’t change, AND I am right at that also that you are very low-vibing psycho whose only aim is to drop my vibe, no matter how much I go back to my normal high vibes. DISGUSTING. 🤮”

Oh.. Criminals and psychopaths feel insulted when advocates and psychiatrists talk about what they do and who they are?? That’s weird. 🤔🤔

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

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