Throw a bro at everyone,

Don’t care who is in front of you

Just ‘Bro’ them

Got it? didn’t you??

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

18 thoughts on “😂🤣”

              1. Please forgive the pontification that follows: It seems to me that there are no hermit bros. The purpose of the hermit’s life is to find wisdom in the silence without the mindless chittering of the masses, but it is not impossible to be a wise bro. By its definition, the bro comes into existence via their relationship with another. Wise bros are rare, because they can foment their thoughts without alienating their fellow bros, who ordinarily immediately regurgitate thoughts without an opportunity for inner growth. If you can be a wise bro, you will be the master of your universe, and both bros and crows will flock to you, if that’s something you want. Be a wise old crow, bro.


                  1. No, no, I sincerely apologize. I dig your vibe. Peace, cousin. I was thinking out my own question, but I recognize it’s toxic nature. Again, I apologize. I’m not trolling you. Be a bro. There’s nothing wrong with you doing you.


                    1. I can’t blame you much. My good vibes irritate a few evil people to the core n then they feel compulsive towards controlling me rather than rising above their own conservative opinions n narrow-mindedness which tries to impose their HERD CULTURE on a free spirit like me.
                      Try your best not to look at my blogs. Peace out ✌

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                1. When you try to be interesting once in a decade and still manage to be so boring and STUPID that you depress the hell out of a dope soul, I hope YOU GO TO HELL with your SICK and DISGUSING NON-SENSE. LOSER.


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