Digital Art-fire or flower??

Fire or flower??

I would love to know how you are going to perceive it..

(The shared image is the copyrighted work by the author. Kindly do not use the image without explicit permission. Thank you.❤)

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

36 thoughts on “Digital Art-fire or flower??”

  1. When I first seen this, the thought that came to my mind was “The Red Sun”. The galaxy can be beautiful and the mixture of coloring how it’s blended is just that. I guess you can say it’s on the spectrum of fire because that’s what the sun is made up of.🔥

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    1. It was intentional to put that ugly one in his place..
      I don’t blame you, I would have felt the same if I had read something like that on someone else’s website.. Sorry for the negative comment but you can stay assured that that one is a beggarly piece of shit and he deserves this treatment only..
      Otherwise than that I cannot force you to see me or my comment in a particular way but I felt that being a blogger, I owed you an explanation for making you feel that way..

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      1. 😂, oh goodness, it’s really bad
        I can’t even accept that it had to get this out of hand,
        Irreconcilable, just cold fronts
        Not one ray of warmth of what was once an intimate and lovingly knitted friendship or love affair.
        Surely we don’t want to go this way and completely tear apart of what once was.
        The pain is too much to be for both body mind and soul, less we forget the grieved spirit
        Oh noooo
        I will then leave a final word.
        It is both, fire and flower

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