Artwork- Nature Therapy..(enhanced)

Nature is solace..

Nature is bliss..

Be it snow

Or sunshine’s kiss..-Preet

The show-cased artwork is just something I felt like drawing with oil pastels a few minutes ago. Needed art therapy badly and if one cannot go outside, then can imagine the scene and create one. No?? I love the vivid and vibrant colours in this one. ❤

(Published on 1st July, 2021)

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

7 thoughts on “Artwork- Nature Therapy..(enhanced)”

  1. Love the colours.
    They look backlit, as though blooded from a candle of some kind.

    They remind me of a cairn,
    stacked on a deserted beach –
    not with stones
    but scenery:
    a river here,
    a mountain there,
    layers of forest
    and soft, wet motor,
    packed with ocean tides
    and lake ripple…
    all just hovering unti my legs gave way,
    and I turned away
    to sleep it off,
    taking the painted air with me.

    You keep painting like that and people will always come to pick up the colours.


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