A (particular) man will get annoyed for no reason if you express your emotions but will not stop flirting with a married woman in her comments section. Funny or sick??

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

16 thoughts on “FUNNY OR SICK??”

  1. I think it’s sick that any man would get annoyed if a woman expressed her emotions to him and in the same turn, I’d find it rather funny if he was flirting with a married woman in her comment section and the married woman was flirting back.🤔😁.

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    1. The Man here is unrelated to both the women. Emotions were not expressed for him..The reality makes it much more frustrating n disgusting to even think about.. Like someone poking his nose in anyone’s business and being biased even as an outsider..
      Thank you for your feedback..😊😊

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      1. If someone can be biased as an outsider, they must have something against someone or they’re just narrow minded. But, when you have a picnic outside, you can’t complain about ants is what I’ve been told.😁.

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        1. Very true..He has had everything against me since a long time, since the time I got to know about his reality..
          And no matter how much I tried to be polite with him, he somehow comes down to these cheap tactics of triangulation and it doesn’t matter with whom he triangulates me from time to time.
          You are right..I need to ignore again; when someone is so narrow-minded or has something against me inherently, mean behaviour against me is very obvious..
          Thank you so much for your wise words..❤

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          1. Sounds like an obsession syndrome of some sort. I won’t go into full counselor mode and analyze his obscene immature actions, but ignoring the toxic fumes is the best action because that will actually bug him even more to where he’ll get bored. People only do things because of others reactions, if there is no reaction then they move on. Be better♥️

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            1. I will try my best to ignore, as most of the times I do..I don’t even want to waste any energy on any toxic one..but once in a while I have had to talk to expose the toxicity, otherwise as much quite I stay, toxicity increases to the extent of suffocation..
              I am trying to be better..
              Thank you for your valuable wise words..❤🙂

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              1. You’re better than that lovely♥️. When one tries to expose another, they are simply sinking to the others level because when you have a mud fight, you too get dirty. I tell clients “Never argue with an idiot, because they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”😉. This guy sounds like an idiot and you’re to good to be wasting energy and attention on him unless you like him….which is what he’s hoping. There is no try lovely, only do…you can do better because you are better….act how you are…beautiful.🌹
                Just laugh at him and say..”Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me! And don’t laugh cause you can’t have!”
                Stay you and stay true♥️🌹😊


  2. If its a married woman who dont want the advances, its probably a good idea to block the man if he cant respect the union. Does the married woman’s husband see the flirts? How does that make him feel when or if he does? Id say the husband is way more important than a follower or person in the comments. Keep peace in the household and just block him. In my humble opinion.

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    1. Moreover, she even doesn’t give a SHIT to him.. She used him to gather some info about me n her boyfriend till she didn’t get married and then threw him like garbage.
      I don’t get it why still someone can be SO STUPID.

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