Elderly sound advice..

I talked to my bua (paternal aunt) about it and she said,

If he wanted you that much, he would have said it clearly directly and not through other’s accounts, and if you wanted him that much, you would have met him.

That’s some serious mature advice. I am proud of her. Sad but still..that’s practical..

Whenever I really need some serious advice in which I need to be talked Out Of Emotions, I talk to her. I am still emotional, but thinking practically at the same time, and this time the credit goes to her only..

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

15 thoughts on “Elderly sound advice..”

  1. Wisdom is hard to come by, when you get it….learn it and keep it. It’s words that last and can be used over and over lovely. “If you like a flower, you pick it. If you love a flower, you water it…so you can grow with it.♥️”🌹

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  2. This is beautiful advice. And so hard to follow. My aunt does the same for me.Pulls me out of my emotions and fills me with logical and rational thought. Sometimes it starts an internal war for a short time, but she always waits it out before asking what I want to eat. LOL

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    1. Hehe.. Very well-said..It starts an internal conflict because then you have two equally valid contradictions in frony of you-to feel or to think against it.. But I hope that you give yourself time and permission to feel everything while also keeping the logic in mind.. Thank you for sharing your experience..Loved it..❤❤


      1. Oh yes. The wars don’t last that long. When the emotion is getting in the way of the rational, the rational wins. When the rational is not where I am, the emotion wins, and the rational waits patiently then shows up uninvited to whatever pity-party I could be having and knocks me out of it. Feel what you’re going to feel, never begrudge yourself that. When your brain tells you that’s enough, listen to it. 🙏💜

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            1. Indeed, that’s the way..🙂 But you can also read professional psychologist’s blogs and posts on the internet. That may provide extra help, specially when you feel stuck and do not find the way out of a mental state..❤

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