Specific message for fellow bloggers..

Hello, my amazing fellow-bloggers..πŸ€—β€

This is the specific note from me about being active on wordpress. Actually, I am suffering from vertigo from two days (onset on sunday noon and monday) and it’s still continuing and is quite frequent. My brain needs rest. I wanted to tell you all that I will be reading and giving feedback on your amazing blogs on the upcoming sunday. I may read and like your blogs in between, do blog myself or reshare the old ones but it’s taxing on my mind to comment as of now or reply to your beautiful comments on my blogs.

Don’t worry, I am fine otherwise. It’s just normal vertigo. I am having it for the first time, so, I am kinda enjoying it as well. When your head spins for no reason and you try to balance yourself. 🀣 This will go away soon when I’ll be taking proper rest and stay away from much of mental stimulation or stress as I have no other underlying cause for the same like High Blood Pressure or Infection or Low Haemoglobin etc. Maybe an envious evil eye on me wants me to suffer (kidding πŸ€ͺ). I know I will be back soon whole-heartedly.

Till then, I hope you won’t take my less interaction as inattentiveness. I will still be reading and liking your posts in between but will completely interact on sunday wholeheartedly. I admire you all and your brilliant writings. ❀

Take care.. Stay safe.. Lots of Love πŸ˜‡β€

Author: Angry Bird

A dope soul and deep mind with a hot temper.

50 thoughts on “Specific message for fellow bloggers..”

  1. Welcome to the club! Bad enough to have vertigo when you safe at home; another thing when shopping, or worse still, when you driving. I relinquished my pilot’s license because of my vertigo, having had nightmares about an attack whilst flying – especially when others were in the plane with me. But I have good news for you. I used to take three little brown Chinese herbal pills, which worked within twenty minutes. Regrettably I cannot remember the name of the pill, but I bought mine from a health store. My search for a permanent cure was a long one, involving may physicians. Finally a young physiotherapist discovered the problem. It turned out to be my neck. She gave me a series of neck exercises and within a week of doing them, I was healed. I still do them to this day, that was three years ago and I’ve not had an attack since. If you are interested, go to my blog site: sirpeterjames.com complete a ‘contact’ form and I will send you details of the exercise routine. LOL. Peter.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing all the valuable information..
      Most probably vertigo in your case is/was because of cervical/spondylosis, mine was due to extreme stress/nervous breakdown or probably an early symptom of a heart or brain stroke.
      It went away with complete mental n physical rest..
      Thank you for your feedback..
      -Preet πŸ™

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  2. Sometimes the brain gets ahead of us and we need a moment to catch up lovely, find yourself and take your time and come back when ready. It happens, vertigo, writers block or losing ourselves…we all put the pen down and just read sometimes. Be well lovelyβ™₯️β™₯️🌹

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      1. Anyone who is not understanding is not willing to understand (and has never had a bout of vertigo). Don’t listen to them. Take care of you. Which you are supposed to be doing now instead of commenting LOL

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        1. Just an overly active mind, trying to sneak peek in between, for a few seconds.. πŸ˜„ yeah, you are right.. Anyone who doesn’t have it cannot understand the intensity but luckily there are good n understanding people here.. πŸ™‚


          1. I am one of them…. but as a not doctor, i’m telling you to rest your eyes and your mind! All of this will still be here when you don’t feel like the floor is on the ceiling and the walls are made of roofing tiles!

            If you didn’t have vertigo, right here would be the perfect place to put in Fred Astaire dancing on the walls LOL

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